Antonio Brown crosses a line the NFL may not look past


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Let us start with the disclaimer: We do not know what is going through Antonio Brown’s head. We do not know why the Bucs receiver peeled off his jersey in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Jets. We don’t know why he tossed his pads away before stripping his undershirt and gloves and pelting them into the MetLife Stadium stands.

We have not heard his explanation — and would that even be reliable? — for crossing the field en route to the tunnel, flipping peace signs and waving to a confused but riled-up group of fans along the way.

We have heard his coach’s thoughts. Bruce Arians told Fox Sports that he wanted Brown to go back into a game in which he’d caught three balls for 26 yards. Brown said no. As the team kept prodding him back into the game, he exited not just the receiver rotation but the field of play.


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